Amera Sugar Tomatoes (Shizuoka Prefecture) / 高糖トマト 5PC

  • $24.00

When cultivating Amera, the amount of water is controlled which results in yielding a smaller quantity of tomatoes. This small batch growth results in small, heavy tomatoes that are condensed sweetness, acidity and umami. Amera tomatoes are reputable to be rich in flavour, full bodied and sweeter than the usual tomatoes.

  • Air-flown from Japan
  • Produce of Shizuoka prefecture
  • Incredibly sweet and fragrant! 
  • Nutrition facts: High in Vitamin A, C, E & K, Calcium, Folic Acid, Potassium and Fiber.
  • 5 pieces per box, approx. 280G.
  • Packed in a natural, food-safe, biodegradable paper pulp box (Packaging may differ and change according to what is available during the time of purchase at Toyosu Market -- it may not be biodegradable too)
  • NOTE: White spots may be found at the bottom of the tomatoes. It is not a defect nor is it unsafe for consumption. 
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