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[ZAIRYO Exclusive] Lobster Oil


We were skeptical at first... Why would we need lobster oil when we've got live lobsters and lobster meat? Then we tried it and realized how wrong we were to belittle this little bottle of lobster elixir. We've tried it in a typical Asian fried rice and it was just bursting with lobster flavour (sans the salt and nasty flavourings).

We've also tried it both in an Asian soup and lobster bisque. The lobster bisque was amazing because the oil contains the essence of lobster. While the Asian Soup tastes like a super rich bowl of Hae Mee Tng (prawn noodle soup) which didn't require too much of time nor energy to achieve, fortunately. 

And we've also tried it with pasta and crab meats and realized that we could save on the crab meat and achieve more flavour with the lobster oil.

... And it turns out we were right. We were told that this bottle of genius was used at restaurants to achieve more flavour with lesser costly ingredients, and now you can achieve the same at home!

  • A Zairyo Exclusive
  • 100ML per bottle
  • Lobster infused extra virgin olive oil, not artificially flavoured
  • No preservatives, no artificially flavouring, no colouring
  • Packed and produced in Australia
  • Ingredients: Australian extra virgin olive oil, oil, tomato paste, herbs, onion, lobster
  • You can use this for soups, for cooking, frying, as a base for salad dressings

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