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Tamagoyaki Pan / 玉子焼き平鍋 [IN STOCK]


By popular (and endless) requests, we will be bringing back our best-selling Tamagoyaki pan!

If you've tried the flimsy (and cheap) Tamagoyaki pans before, you'd know that it is impossible to flip the eggs into a roll.

The real Tamagoyaki pan that we've imported from Japan is one that is used in most Japanese households and will enable you to make the fluffiest Tamagoyaki. (Although this would very much depend on your skill. Practice makes perfect!)

Apart from Tamagoyaki, these are perfect for making pancakes too and we don't see why not. :) 

Check out our new Cast Iron Traditional Tamagoyaki Pan with Wooden Lid!

  • Imported from Japan
  • 15CM x 18CM, 320G
  • Upgraded - bigger, better, non-stick stone pan
  • Upgraded version is suitable for use on electric stoves
  • Made with Bakuhanseki, a natural mineral rock that is safe and good for the human body
  • Use only wooden cooking utensils with the pan. To ensure the longevity of the pan, do not use metal utensils or wash with metal brushes.

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