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Taka Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki / 貴 純米大吟釀 山田錦


Founded in 1888 in Ube city (宇部) of Yamaguchi prefecture, Taka produces only junmai sake; 100% pure rice sake without any additives such as ethyl alcohol, sugar and starches. 

Takahiro Nagayama, the Toji (杜氏; chief sake maker), has been drawn lots of attention by sake and food magazines for his passionate, enthusiastic and motivated character and he's known for having the best sakes to go with food.

Scroll below for more information on the brewery and Takahiro-san. 

  • 720ML per bottle
  • Prefecture: Yamagata
  • About the sake: It is made from noble variety rice called "Yamadanishiki", which is grown in Yamaguchi prefecture. This Junmai Daiginjo is highly praised as an extra-fine sake for gastronome; "sake to drink with food". 
  • Aroma: Peach, lychee, hazelnut, caramel, rich
  • Palate: Off-dry, medium-bodied, rich-umami, fresh acidity, commanding
  • Finish: Long finish, elegant
  • Alc %: 16.8% 
  • Rice variety: Yamadanishiki

  • About the brewery: Nagayama Honke Brewery was family-founded and has been in operation since 1888 in Ube, Yamaguchi prefecture. The family's 4th generation descendant, Takahiro Nagayama, took over his family business as the "Toji" in 2001 after returning to Japan from studying in Canada for two years.  The brand name "Taka", was named after him, "Takahiro". Takahiro-san is well on the road towards making a strong name for himself as one of the most talented and ambitious young sake makers.

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