[LIMITED SPECIAL] 限定 Tachibana Murasaki Uni / 橘水産雲丹 – Zairyo Singapore

[LIMITED SPECIAL] 限定 Tachibana Murasaki Uni / 橘水産雲丹


True Uni connoisseurs who frequent the best sushi-ya in Singapore or Japan would find the name or box familiar -- it is, afterall, the top 4 labels!

  • 250G per box
  • **Please note that the usual prices of these Uni are from $400 and above. We will only list them here when we can get them at good prices from the auction, and will only get 1 or 2 boxes. 
  • Note: Tachibana is the one with the green label. Picture of the Higashizawa Uni is just to show the side of how the Tachibana would look. 
  • Trade/restaurant orders are welcomed. 

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