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Steamed Uni in Shell / 蒸しうに


  • Product of Japan, exclusive import 
  • Pre-steamed Uni in Uni shell, frozen for freshness
  • Convenient for parties, best served as an appetizer or canape! It literally takes no effort at all to prepare ;) 
  • Please note that Uni is already steamed. It does not taste like raw Uni (for raw, fresh Uni, click here.)
  • Approximately 20G per Uni, 4 Uni per box
  • How to prepare: take out desired amount and thaw. You can serve it cold (after thawing) or thaw it longer until it reaches room temperature. If you prefer to serve it warm, you may choose to steam it for about 5~6 minutes, but it won't be necessary.
  • Tasting notes: On its own, it tastes like the roe of steamed crab. We recommend dropping a few drops of shoyu on the steamed Uni before serving. You can also add some ikura on top. 

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