Ready-to-eat Iwashi Shogani / 北海道のいわし生姜に / Sardine simmered with ginge – Zairyo Singapore

Ready-to-eat Iwashi Shogani / 北海道のいわし生姜に / Sardine simmered with ginger


Plump Sardines (Iwashi) harvested when they were in season, simmered in a traditional recipe of shoyu, mirin, ginger. This is the perfect addition to any meal or bento! All you need to do is heat it up either in a water bath, microwave, or if you wish to have it cold like the Japanese do, let the pack thaw in water will do.
  • Product of Hokkaido
  • 260G per pack, 5 pieces of Sardine per pack
  • How to eat:
    1. (To be eaten cold) Thaw pack in room temperature water for approximately 10~15 min. Then serve with sauce.
    2. (Hot) No thawing required. Bring a pot of water to a boil then add pack of Iwashi into boiling water without opening the pack. The plastic pack is food-safe and can be sous vide. Remove when pack is hot (approximately 7min), serve with sauce.
    3. (Hot) Remove contents into a bowl, heat in microwave at 500W for 2 min 30s.
  • Keep frozen.


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