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Pure Tororo Kombu / 純とろろ昆布 / Pure Shaven Kombu


Not to be confused with this guy(click!), Tororo Kombu are thin and long flakes made by shaving dried kombu.

Unlike the Kombu that we are used to, Tororo Kombu is an extremely soft and fluffy Kombu that is widely used in Japan in soups, as an appetizer with Ponzu, or with Onigiri.

As Kombu is abundant in vitamins and minerals, Tororo Kombu is a popular health food in Japan as it is more easily absorbed and offers more dietary fiber than regular kombu.

Due to its health benefits and how soft it is, this is often used in baby's food in Japan.


  • Proud produce of Japan
  • 21G per pack (a little bit goes a long way - it expands in water)
  • No artificial flavourings, colorings, additives, or basically anything that's artificially produced. 100% pure.
  • Each piece is 0.02mm thin.


1. Easy Umami Soup for 1
A pinch of Tororo Kombu (add more if you desire)
1 tsp of Dashi Powder
Spring onion to garnish
300ML boiling water

Add all into bowl and you're done.

2. Appetizer
A pinch of Tororo
Cold tofu (sliced)
Somen Senka (Somen Sauce)

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