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Natural Sea Fruit & Vegetable Wash / 海の野菜洗い


This is such a hit amongst the Japanese households that we HAD to bring it in! This anti-bacterial cleaning powder is made of 100% natural scallop shells that has proven to purge out pesticides, chlorine, wax and sterilise bacteria. As it is 100% natural, it is safe for food and for other cleaning purposes.

(Please pardon grammatical errors as this was translated from Japanese)

The natural anti-bacterial powder is made from natural scallop shells treated at a high temperature of 1,100°C which activates bacterial killing abilities. When added to water, the calcium turns the water into alkali which helps sterilize bacteria. Using the wash kills bacteria such as E Coli O157 or Salmonella. 

  • No taste, no odour.
  • It is authorized safe for food use by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.
  • Prolongs longevity and freshness of produce. Soak produce in water added with the powder and let it disinfect the produce!
  • Eco-friendly
  • 90G per bottle
  • Not for consumption
  • Can be used for disinfecting vegetables, fruits, meats and even clothes and utensils
  • Direct import from Japan, beware of fakes from China
  • We ship internationally for this product. 

    How to use:
    1. Add a teaspoon of powder to approximately 1L of water 
    2. Soak fruits/vegetables/meat in solution for about 5-10 minutes and wait for impurities to float to surface.
    3. Rinse before using fruits/vegetables/meat

  • How much to use:
    1. disinfecting fruit and vegetables: 1L of water, 1tsp
    2. disinfecting cooking equipment and utensils: 1L of water, 1-2 tsp, soak for 5 to 10min 
    3. in your laundry: 20L of water products is approximately 1-3 tsp. Please use with laundry detergent.
    4. to deodorize rooms, shoes, toilet: 1L of water product: 1tsp make a solution to put it in a spray bottle, spray only

    Quality indicators:
    Material: (food additives equivalent) scallop calcium
    -Raw material: scallop shells
    -Raw material country of origin: Japan
    -Attributes: alkaline
    -Applications: ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits and fish, cooking utensils, etc.

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