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Motsu Nabe Soup Base / もつ 鍋スープ


Originating from Fukuoka, the motsunabe is a soy sauce-based soup that is rich which goes best with beef, pork or other offals. Motsu Nabe is a popular stew prepared with beef or pork offal and boiled for a while; cabbage and garlic chives are added. The offal used in motsunabe is mostly beef intestines, but various kinds of offal can be used. 

  • 750G per pack
  • Good for 3 to 4 pax steamboat
  • May add water to suit your taste
  • Ingredients: water, soy sauce, soy bean, cereal with gluten, sweet cooking wine, garlic, sugar, salt, bonito extract, bonito powder
  • Produced in Japan


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