Minami Maguro Chutoro / 南まぐろ 中とろ/ (Medium Fatty Tuna) – Zairyo Singapore

Minami Maguro Chutoro / 南まぐろ 中とろ/ (Medium Fatty Tuna)


  • Southern bluefin wild caught tuna
  • 600-800gm per piece
  • Sashimi-grade, air-flown from Japan
  • By order only; air-flown items will be flown in every Tuesdays & Fridays (unless otherwise stated), please place order at least 3 days prior to your preferred Tuesday/Friday.
  • Chutoro is the fattier variant of Akami and is light red/pink in colour
  • It is the fatty red flesh between Akami and Ootoro layers
  • Best consumed in sushi, as sashimi or chirashi
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • Note: Sashimi grade fishes has to be flash frozen at -40°C. The process kills parasitic worms that fish are host to but doesn’t break down the flesh, so the meat remains fresh.

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