Ice-cream / アイスクリーム / (Matcha/Goma/Azuki/Kyoho Grape/Peach) – Zairyo Singapore

Ice-cream / アイスクリーム / (Matcha/Goma/Azuki/Kyoho Grape/Peach)


Nothing fills a void like a tub of ice-cream. Matcha icecream is incomplete without azuki red bean, so we've put them together too! 

  • Icecreams are from Lotte, Japan.
  • Choose from Matcha, Goma (Black Sesame) and Azuki (Red Bean) flavours. 
  • If you'd like to have the Azuki red bean separately, you may find it here.
  • Newly added: Kyoho Grape and Momo (Peach) flavours from Hikari Nyugyou, Japan.
  • All icecream tubs are 2L and should last you a long, loooong time. 

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