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Live Maine Lobster / オーマル (Special Promo Inside!)


Why settle for frozen lobsters when you can get fresh ones? These lobsters are from highly acclaimed lobster restaurant, Pince & Pints, where they only serve the best wild-caught live lobsters. So you can now enjoy these babies in the comforts of your home! 

  • Air-flown from U.S and Canada
  • Approximately 550G to 650G
  • Wild-caught and flown to Singapore in their crates, then kept in state-of-the-art tanks that will trick the lobsters into thinking they are back in their habitats (stress-free lobsters have tender and sweeter meat!)
  • Do not freeze
  • As lobsters are livestock, they may die in the process of transportation. We cannot revive them. They may still be consumed and they don't turn bad in that few hours.
  • Please place orders for the lobsters at least 3 days in advance.
  • How to keep: place them in a plastic bag and keep in the fridge for no longer than 2 days
  • How to prepare: Here is how you can humanely kill a lobster (Video) Trust us, it is easy and not as gory as you think.
  • Best enjoyed steamed, grilled, baked or in a lobster roll (you will have to steam it first before extracting the meat)
  • Ideal steaming time: approx 7 minutes
  • Buy more, save more: $79.80 for 2 live lobsters, $115 for 3 live lobsters (U.P. $119.70), $150 for 4 live lobsters (U.P. $159.60), $184 for 5 live lobsters (U.P. $199.50)


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