Iwate Kura Oyster Stout / いわて蔵ビール・三陸広田湾牡蠣のスタウ – Zairyo Singapore

Iwate Kura Oyster Stout / いわて蔵ビール・三陸広田湾牡蠣のスタウ


Believe it or not: though Sake (rice wine) is the national drink of Japan, beer is the most popular drink amongst natives in Japan! So we've curated a range of delicious and interesting craft beers that are produced by independent brewers in Japan.

All craft beers listed on Zairyo are produced in Japan with 100% ingredients from Japan.

  • About the beer: Brewed with oysters & shellfish from the Hirota bay, this unique stout was judged Asia's Best Experimental Flavoured Beer at the 2013 World Beer Awards. A classical stout with roasted malt flavours and chocolate coming to the fore; and a trace of umami & brine on the finish.
  • Produced by 世嬉の一酒造, Sekinoichi Shuzo
  • Alcohol Level: 7%
  • 330ML per bottle, sold per bottle 
  • Made in Iwate prefecture, Japan

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