Ito Wagyu Striploin (A2 - A4) / 伊都和牛 ストリップロイン (A2 - A4) – Zairyo Singapore

Ito Wagyu Striploin (A2 - A4) / 伊都和牛 ストリップロイン (A2 - A4)


  • Weight per piece for A3 and A4 grade is around 3.1KG - 3.5KG
  • Weight per piece for A2 grade is around 2.1KG - 2.5KG
  • Wagyu beef is from Ito, Japan
  • Portioned and air-flown directly from Japan
  • Flash frozen for freshness
  • See here for Yakiniku sauces for grilled/BBQ meats
  • This Wagyu Striploin is grade A2 - A4. It refers to the marbling of the beef, the max grade of the Striploin that we carry is A4.
  • Best served rare, the Striploin can be quickly grilled or sautéed, roasted or dipped into hot broth.
  • If grilled or sautéed, it goes perfectly with pink rock salt, fresh grated wasabi or Yuzu Kosho
  • Note: We do not do the slicing for beef and we recommend that you do it yourself as you'd have a better idea of how you want to portion the meat and it is fresher if you defrost it hours before slicing.
  • What is flash freezing: Flash freezing is a process in which food is very quickly frozen at extremely cold temperatures. In commercial processing, foods are flash frozen so that as many nutrients are retained as possible, and to make sure that the food is as fresh and flavourful as it can be. We don't recommend that you accept the Striploin unless it is flash frozen.

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