Mikochan Miso / 味噌 / (Bean Paste for Soups) – Zairyo Singapore

Mikochan Miso / 味噌 / (Bean Paste for Soups)


  • 1KG per pack
  • A common seasoning and soup base in most Japanese households 
  • Great for soups and sauces
  • Save 10% by getting the Miso Soup Pack! Miso Soup Pack includes a 1KG Miso Paste, 1 pack of Cut Kombu and 1 pack of Cut Wakame.
  • To make miso soup: make dashi first with either dashi granules or make dashi from scratch with Kombu, then add pre-soaked Wakame. Once wakame is soft and cooked, mix miso in before serving. Try not to boil Miso soup for too long. 

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