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Hello Kitty Onigiri Mould / ハローキティおにぎりモールド


Create kawaii bento lunches or party snacks with the original Hello Kitty Onigiri mould

  • Made in collaboration with renowned kitchen brand Arnest.
  • Set includes: 3 Hello Kitty and Friends shaper - 2 laver cutter - 1 Vegetable cutter mould
  • Size:
    - Hello Kitty Rice Ball Mould: 5×3.5×12.5cm
    - Rabitt Rice Ball Mould: 4.5×3.5×13.5cm
    - Bear Rice Ball Mould: 4.5× 3.5×13cm
    - 2 Nori (laver) cutter W5×D4.5×H3.5cm
    - Vegetable Cutter: 6.5×5×1cm
  • Material: PP (food-grade material)
  • Brand: Arnest

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