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[Exclusive Import] Kyoto Matcha Jam


It was love at first bite for us when our friend, @lennardy, very kindly shared this at a dinner party. We were so enamored by it that we knew we had to find a way to lay our hands on them somehow -- and we did! 

  • Air-flown from Kyoto, Japan
  • 150G per jar
  • Made of Hokkaido milk, fresh cream, sugar, matcha 
  • we're not gonna lie: this tastes great on it's own, on crackers, on cakes, on toast, on waffle, on everything and anything. We're so excited to have this!
  • ** Now available as a gift set with our Pine Handmade Teaspoon (U.P. $4.50, now $3.5)
  • Make gifting a little extra special by presenting the Matcha Jam in a box! 


For wholesale enquiries, please email enquiries@zairyo.sg

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