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Daisen Mutenka Uni / 大千無添加うに [INTRODUCTORY PRICE]

$79.00 $89.00

We've been asked many times, "How do we make Uni rice that's served at sushi restaurants?" Different restaurants have their own recipes, but the heart and star of the dish is the Uni.

We find mushing up the normal Uni doesn't give us the watery/slimey consistency, so here we have the Daisen Uni Paste that we have tried and tested - it is perfect. (Click for recipe)

It may be called a 'paste' but it really is just the different parts of the Uni that are either too small or can't be fitted into the bento boxes. It is Mutenka 無添加 - no salt, no chemicals, no preservatives, nothing except pure Uni

According to the Uni experts, this jar of Uni is made of Grade A Uni (in taste) and is the same type of Uni as the Hadate

[INTRODUCTORY PRICE, LIMITED TIME ONLY] U.P. $89, offer ends 20 September 2017.

  • Product of Japan, Uni is from Aomori Prefecture
  • AIR-FLOWN ONLY (we do not keep stock)
  • 180G per bottle (you can keep it in the fridge for up to 7 days)
  • Suitable for raw consumption
  • Mostly used by chefs for Uni rice, Uni pasta, Uni sauce.
  • Difference between this and Neri Uni (see picture): Neri Uni contains salt, flour, sugar, yolk, and can be kept for up to 6 months, mostly used to make sauces, mixed in Mayo, brushed on Onigiri. The Daisen Mutenka Uni is pure Uni that's mostly used for pastas and used at high-end restaurants in dishes. 

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