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Medium Steamboat/BBQ Party Pack


This was the Chū-kichi Pack that we had put together during the Lunar New Year period. By popular request, we have extended these packs available for you any day, any time! These packs are perfect for steamboats and BBQ parties. Any leftovers can be kept too!

Every pack comes with complimentary island-wide delivery!

This pack is good for a family of 4 to 7 and consists of the following (U.P: $258.8, you save $9.80:

1KG Alaskan King Crab Legs (easy and suuuuuuper delicious)
1KG Tiger Prawns (21 to 25 pcs)
1KG Hokkaido Sashimi-grade Scallops (good for sashimi, steamboats and BBQ)
1 x Kani Kamaboko
1 x Sashimi-grade Salmon (good for sashimi, steamboats and BBQ)
3 x Abura Age (a.k.a Tau Pok, air-flown from Japan, made with soy beans)

  • Add our bestselling Tofu Nabe Soup Base with this pack and get it for 10% off (U.P. $7.90, $7 with this order)! 

**Available for delivery in 24 hours. Please place order 24 hours prior to delivery. 

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