Cast Iron Traditional Tamagoyaki Pan w Wood Lid / 玉子焼き平鍋 [IN STOCK] – Zairyo Singapore

Cast Iron Traditional Tamagoyaki Pan w Wood Lid / 玉子焼き平鍋 [IN STOCK]


Just because we aren't professional Tamagoyaki masters don't mean we can't get these gorgeous traditional, professional Tamagoyaki Pan!

Made with Cast Iron, some natives have said that their pans have outlived their generation! Nothing beats making a Tamagoyaki from a cast iron Tamagoyaki pan as it steadies the heat and cook the egg slowly and evenly.

These traditionally come with a wooden lid to assist with the rolling and pressing of the egg so the egg roll will come together beautifully!

Or if this isn't what you're looking for, check out our best-selling fuss-free non-stick Tamagoyaki Pan!

  • Imported from Japan
  • Update, 4/5/17: We've ordered extras in limited quantities, available for delivery/self-collection (please place your order to reserve your pan - we do not accept walk-ins).
  • 13CM x 18CM, 1.25KG
  • Suitable for use on electric/induction stoves
  • Made with Cast Iron, made to last
  • Use only wooden cooking utensils with the pan. To ensure the longevity of the pan, do not use metal utensils or wash with metal brushes.

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