[ZAIRYO Exclusive] Abalone Sashimi Slices / 鮑刺身 – Zairyo Singapore

[ZAIRYO Exclusive] Abalone Sashimi Slices / 鮑刺身


Created specially to cater for supply in Japan, the wild-caught Abalone sashimi slices are handpicked, partially-cooked without any flavourings or sauces so you get the real taste of Abalone. 

  • A Zairyo Exclusive
  • 100G per pack, good for 2 to 5 pax, approximately 24 to 28 pieces 
  • Sashimi-grade
  • No preservatives, flavourings or sauces. All natural.
  • 100% sustainable and wild-caught in Australia
  • Frozen, individually vacuum packed (IVP)
  • Ready-to-eat, doesn't require heating unless you wish to cook with it.
  • Caught in the Australian seas between the Indian and Southern Oceans, known to be the super habitat for the best abalones.
  • Handpicked by trained and approved divers
  • Processed in Australia, following Australian standards in processing and food handling.
  • For eating as sashimi, in Chirashi, salads, or you may choose to cook it either in a stir-fry, soup or pasta.
  • As they are produced for the Japanese market, mainly for the sushi chains, the Abalone slices are partially-cooked so that each slice has a little more bite. The sashimi-grade abalone is crunchier than what we are used to in Singapore as it isn't cooked all the way. (Note: crunchier, not rubbery/chewy.)
  • Pictured Chirashi don is made with the following: Sushi Rice (sushi su + rice), Ikura, Hotate, Uni, Lobster Meat and Abalone Slices. 

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